Overall I believe that creating these design blogs has been a useful tool in my course, it has helped me consider how to reference as well as creating successful and interesting blog posts. I have also learnt a lot about seventeenth fashion and industry, as it happened that many of my blogs featured this. From … Continue reading Summary


Portrait Semiotic Anaylsis

Figure 9: this is a self-portrait of Sir Nathaniel Bacon, in his study with an atlas open c1618-20 Looking at this image, painted by Sir Nathaniel Bacon himself, you can denotate a few things. The way he is positioned and sprawled out on the chair allows him to show off his clothing. It’s in black, … Continue reading Portrait Semiotic Anaylsis


Vivienne Westwood was born 1941 in Derbyshire. She began designing clothes in 1971 and opened her first shop, Let it Rock. This was later renamed Sex in 1974. (Boyes, 2008) She still has the same store on Kings road, now called World’s End. Her work has always been based in London since she moved in … Continue reading Garment

About Me

Hello, My name is Jasmin Cunningham and I am currently studying Fashion Buying (with Design) at De Montfort University, Leicester. I have always had an interest in fashion and textiles back from the age of around 12 when I started textiles at secondary school. At A-Level I studied Textiles following that I studied a Pre-Degree … Continue reading About Me